Sutukonding Development Association

No more internal power struggle, come together and gain more strength, so arms in arms, with arms, we will overcome the little struggles.

Sutukonding village

Is located on the north bank of river Gambia, and it has a population of about ten thousand people. Females comprise of 50.5% of the population and males are 49.5%. 70% of the villagers, both men and women depends on subsistence farming, minor trading, gardening etc. The farm produce mostly cater for food, clothing and children’s school fees and other expenses. The people of sutukonding see that investing in both men and women economic empowerment will sets a direct path towards sustainability, poverty eradication, inclusive economic growth and development.

The Association is a Non–profit, charitable and community based organization established in 1990 and legally registered in 2014 at Attorney General Chambers under the companies act 2013 in the pursuant to section 22(5) of the laws of The Gambia. It works to improve lives of marginalized people, ensuring community free of poverty and having freedom and development through poverty reduction and development initiatives for social transformation.

It also admit it’s activities through democratic governance within the organization that involves general membership assembly for making vital decision, executive committee for formulation of policies , execution of day to day activities and management, volunteers and members for implementation of activities within the marginalized communities.


Big Tree

In early Gambian history a big tree formed the basis and foundation of the village. Due to its natural shade it became a meeting place for men to get out of the stifling sun and heat of their huts during the day. This is where they discuss issues that were pertinent to the village such as ceremonies or communal works. The tree is sometimes known as a gathering tree.


Today, it is used to describe any wooden or constructed with cement located within the confines of a family compound or other property with a roof made of grass or corrugated iron sheets with pillars made of wood / bamboo or concrete. The structure itself has no walls.

Sutukonding Village Bantaba

This is sutukonding village bantaba, it is located at the center of the village. It has many importance in the village. The area is approximately 25m x 25m. Many village functions are discuss at the bantaba. It has elderly sections and youth sections, it is also a resting place for people.

The name “Bantaba” is derived from the word large tree, which is called Bentennie in the Mandinka language and is a traditional meeting place for the men of the village and cultural activities for both mens and women’s. The origins of the word is from Mandinka for tree which is “Bant” and “aba” means “where to meet” and so it’s called Bant-aba.


Some Of SDA Members Gambia

SDA Members general meeting  in Gambia,  April 16, 2016.